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Letter to Editor
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Zolar Photon Plus: Laser Dentistry


Laser is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” The application of lasers is almost in every field of human endeavor from medicine, science, and technology to business and entertainment over the past few years. The basic units or quanta of light are called photons. The common principles on which all lasers work is the generation of monochromatic, coherent and collimated radiation by a suitable laser medium in an optical resonator. In today’s world where dentistry has become a part of one’s life, laser treatment has come with a new advancement, called as “Zolar Photon Plus.” It is a versatile dental diode laser with 980 nm diode and great equipment that can be handled easily. This device consists of a handpiece, optics, band, zooming light, and transportation bag. It is portable and easy to use with simple, touchscreen controls.[1-3]