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Lasers in Orthodontics
Rohini Sharma, Sachin Ahuja, Seema Gupta, Eenal Bhambri, Raj Abhay Singh, Himanshu Kalia


With the ever-changing field of dentistry, there has always been a quest to find procedures and techniques that are fast, more effective, convenient, and patient-friendly. With the introduction of light amplification and stimulated emission of radiation technique in both medicine and dentistry has brought a sea change in these fields. Lasers have numerous applications in orthodontics, including enamel etching, debonding, curing composite gingivectomy, frenectomy, operculectomy, papilla flattening, uncovering temporary anchorage devices, ablation of aphthous ulcerations, exposure of impacted teeth, and even tooth whitening. Laser surgery helps the orthodontists to enhance the design of a patient’s smile and improve treatment efficacy. With the introduction of laser-guided holography, there has been an increase in the spectrum of the field. Before incorporating lasers into clinical practice, the clinician must fully understand the basic science, safety protocol, and risks associated with them. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview regarding the applications of lasers in orthodontics.

KEYWORDS:Dentistry, Light amplification, Orthodontics, Stimulated emission of radiation