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Separated Instruments - Smart Management
Riddhi Mehta, Harsh Haren Shah


When a file fractures during root canal treatment there are several treatment options available to the clinician. When an instrument fractures in the root canal system a decision have to be made to bypass or remove the fragment, the choice being based on an assessment of the potential benefit of removal compared with the risk of complication. The factor taken into consideration was to use radiographs to define the location of the fragment in accordance to the curvature. Since radiographs give us a two-dimensional picture, we have also considered the idea of Nevares et al.,[12] to do this clinically rather than radiographically. According to this idea, fragments, which can be visualized under magnification without the necessity of root canal straightening, are located before the curve. All the rest are inside/beyond the curve. The main purpose of the clinical work was to treat the patient successfully, and treatment has not been modified to suit the aim of the article.

KEYWORDS:Endodontic mishap, Procedural accident, Retrieval, Separated instrument.