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Case Report
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Pediatric Dental Neglect: Why Delinquency by Parents? A Revelation
Shashank Gaur1, Neha Singh2, Rashmi Kiran Ekka3, Neeraj Chauhan4


Neglect, in general, and dental neglect, in particular, are the least known and detected types of abuse, even though they are the most frequent ones. Child neglect occurs when a parent or guardian either deliberately or unintentionally permits the child to experience suffering or fails to provide the necessities for the child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development. The present paper reveals a case of dental neglect in a 4-year-old girl child. It describes the importance of the detection, intervention, prevention, counseling, and education of the parents regarding the ill effect of poor dental health on the overall health.

KEYWORDS:Behavior negligence, Dental neglect, Dentists, parents, Poor oral hygiene